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Afbeelding van 2WIN - cargo logistics
Emons Cargo
2WIN – cargo logistics

Transport of non-stackable goods with a pallet/unit height of up to 1.80 meters. Double deck trailer increases capacity of over 63%! Emons Cargo offers a high-quality service throughout Europe.

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Afbeelding van glass logistics
Van Huët
glass logistics

Specializes in the transport of large formats of float glass. With 5 subsidiaries in Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium and the Netherlands, Van Huët provides logistics services to the European glass industry.

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Afbeelding van logistics in champost
logistics in champost

Over 40 years of experience in deliveries of champost, the humus-rich soil improver from mushroom cultivation. With our fleet, we deliver any requested quantity at the time and location you require.

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Emons Service Center

We are providing computeralized information technology to achieve the most efficient process optimization for better efficiency and saving. With data driven analysis we can help you drive your business faster, smarter and cheaper.


Office and warehouse rental

Apart from logistics services, Emons also provides warehouse and office space. The Emons Group is present at several strategic locations, with motorway-, airport- and harbour connections always within a short distance.

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