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2WIN Load

Emons Cargo/2WIN

Emons Cargo is specialized in the transport of non-stackable goods with a pallet/unit height upto 1.80 mtrs. Two 2WIN trailers can replace three conventional trailers. An increase in capacity of over 63%! With a 2WIN fleet of almost 160 trailers, Emons Cargo can offer a high quality One-Way service throughout Europe.


Van Huët Glass Logistics

Van Huët Glass Logistics is a specialist in the field of glass logistics in Europe and a leading company within this market. With 5 subsidiaries in Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium and the Netherlands, Van Huët provides logistics services to the European glass industry.


Van Huët ELT++



Transport and trading company Hofmans is a private company that is a member of the Emons Group. For over 40 years, Hofmans has been the specialist in the field of ‘champost' logistics.

Hofmans is the company to call for deliveries of champost, the humus-rich soil improver from mushroom cultivation. They deliver any requested quantity at the time and location you require, for which they have an extensive fleet of tractor/trailer combinations and container trucks available. When greater distances have to be covered, transportation by ship or rail is a tried and tested and also ecologically sound alternative.



Highly qualified employees produce approx. 200 vehicle units each year.
The constructions are developed by our engineers using the most highly-advanced CAD systems and are fitted to your personal wishes and requirements. The vehicles are produced with the help of welding machines within the range of the longitudinal girders and tipper trailer. All longitudinal joints of the tipper trailer, both inside and outside, including also the complete base assembly, are automatically welded by welding robots.


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Office and warehouse rental

Apart from logistics services, Emons also provides warehouse and office space. With facilities in Milsbeek (NL) and Nijmegen (NL), Emons is present at several strategic locations with motorway-, airport- and harbour connections always within a short distance.

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