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Afbeelding voor Reduction of CO2 emission high on Emons Group agenda

The Emons Group wants to continuously provide its customers with added value. Not only in the lowest price, but also in terms of innovation and the environment. For the last mentioned reason, the family business is always striving for an increasingly green supply chain for its customers, e.g. through reduction of CO2 emissions.

The sustainability of the logistics services that the Emons Group offers its customers is e.g. reflected in the recent purchase of a number of tractors that run on LNG (liquid natural gas). The use of this alternative fuel immediately results in a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions for the double deck 2WIN trailers of one of our brands – Emons Cargo 2WIN.

Eco-friendly double deck trailers of Emons Cargo 2WIN.

Significant environmental benefits

Daan Emons, CEO of the Emons Group: “The belief of our family business is that we continuously want to offer innovative and sustainable logistics solutions to our customers; help them ‘green’ their supply chain. With our 2WIN trailer, for example, we deliver 60% more loading volume per transport. Low transport costs per pallet, but also significant environmental benefits as a result of this! “


All Emons Group concepts deliver savings in many areas. Van Huët’s glass inloaders have become increasingly lighter over the years, which means more packages of float glass can be taken along. This development also provides immediate cost benefits and environmental benefits! The third company of the Emons Group, Hofmans, is investigating possibilities to reuse biomass and thereby stimulate the circular economy. A result of this is “Upcycling”, a factory where biomass is composted and provides both heat and a high-quality soil improver.

Solar panels and alternative fuel

The use of solar panels on the roof of trailers is being tested and the Group is conducting extensive research into the use of alternative fuels. In that light, the LNG tractors have been added to the Emons fleet. Roger Reiniers, R&D director: “LNG is now a mature product. These LNG tractors are not inferior to diesel-powered tractor. Pulling performance is at a similar level. An additional advantage is that in addition to reduced emissions, the noise level is also significantly lower. Good for the environment and the driver! ”Exploring alternative fuels is still in full swing. “The next step could be hydrogen,” said Rainiers.

About the Emons Group

The Emons Group wants to distinguish itself in niche markets. The family business offers its customers innovative and sustainable logistics solutions that ultimately lead to lower costs and environmental benefits. Emons Cargo 2WIN, Van Huët Glass Logistics and Hofmans are subsidiaries. The head office is located in the Netherlands, with business units in Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Belgium and partnerships in Spain and the United Kingdom. 

Do you want to find out more about our sustainability policy? Read our Emons Cargo 2WIN whitepaper on sustainability.