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Good training and guidance for drivers is crucial to limit the fuel consumption and number of damages as much as possible. This is all the more true when – like with the Emons Group – specialist material is carried or if a damage sensitive product, such as glass, is one of the most prominent products to be transported.

To create structure and unity in the education and guidance of our drivers, the Emons Drivers Training was set up. Since 2009, education, training and guidance are coordinated from this Drivers Training.

The activities can be divided into three sections:

Driver education

The education programme is mainly aimed at new drivers. It starts with extensive theoretical training from a Driver Coach, followed by practically schooling the driver by a colleague driver, called ‘Instructor Driver’.

Driver training

Next to the basic education for drivers, the experienced drivers are also given regular training. They are frequently educated by means of various practical training. These training are often set up on the basis of questions and comments from the drivers themselves and by demand of the relevant divisions.


Next to the education and training of drivers, Emons Drivers Training also pays great attention to the guidance of drivers. Within the Emons Group, Driver Coaches have been appointed who take care of educating and training the drivers and act as their main contact person.

One of the key elements of the Emons Drivers Training is that drivers are trained and guided in their own language as much as possible. This approach creates the least communication issues and ensures that the message comes across in the best possible way.

Emons Drivers Training can offer education and training at any possible location. In all branches of the Emons Group, there are rooms available that can specifically be used for educating and training drivers. This way it is possible to be flexible, regarding the hours that the drivers have available.

Apart from the permanent training rooms, the Emons Group also has a mobile education center. It is one of our own 2WIN trailers that has been converted into a driving classroom. With this trailer, it’s possible to bring the training to the driver instead of the driver to the training.

Are you looking to join our family of drivers and get trained as a truck driver, contact us at or look at our Careers page.

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