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Would you like to become a truck driver at Emons Group?

Great! Europe needs plenty of drivers, so you will probably have found a job in no time. What do you need to work as a truck driver? How do you get your papers? And why do you want to become a truck driver?

Why become a truck driver?

When you ask someone why he or she likes being a truck driver, the answer is often: freedom. Not working in one fixed place, in an office or factory, but on the road with their cargo.

The responsibility that comes with being a truck driver also appeals to many drivers. Delivering on time, unloading neatly, and guiding such an impressive vehicle through traffic in the right way.

But, of course, the job prospects are also very attractive. The shortage of qualified truck drivers is growing enormously. In the meantime, there are many vacancies for international truck drivers.

What do you need to work as a truck driver? 

Firstly, you need a truck driving license (driving license C or CE). This driver’s license needs to have ‘code 95’, the former drivers’ certificate. 

You can follow senior secondary vocational education at various institutions to become a driver for freight transport. Also, many employers in the logistics sector offer training programs to become a truck driver. 

Want to become a driver at the Emons Group?

At Emons (Emons Cargo 2WIN and Van Huët), we regularly have vacancies for international truck drivers, at several locations in Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

As a new employee at Emons, you will go through our international training program that will prepare you step-by-step to become a full-fledged driver for our glass division and/or European double-deck trailer. In the meantime, you will earn an excellent salary; how great is that?

Does this suit you? Check the current vacancies or contact us.