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Afbeelding voor New Emons compensation program – 65€ diet per day

Check what employees appreciate in the Emons Group!

The company is constantly changing in order to provide the best conditions for its drivers and meet their expectations. From October 1, drivers will earn more – for each day of their work, they will receive on average 65 € of the diet. On a scale of a month, the difference will be no doubt noticeable. For example, in Poland, this rises the driver’s salary by 10€ per day so even up to PLN 1,000 more per month.
But salaries are not the only advantage of the Emons Group. How does Emons Group strive to be a good employer for drivers?

We implement your values

Before we look at specific benefits for employees, it is worth looking a bit wider – who is the employer? What are his roots, what is his philosophy?

Emons Group is a family company with 75 years of experience, whose mission is not only efficient transport but also reducing CO2 emissions. The group has four brands, out of which one is Emons Cargo 2WIN. It is today the largest multi-customer cargo transport company in Europe with two-tier trailers. The second one is Van Huët which specializes in the transport of float glass with glass inloaders.

The ecological philosophy of the company is manifested, among others, by optimizing trips, i.e. more effective route planning and reducing the number of trips. By using modern 2WIN double-deck trailers, the company is able to transport 64% more goods, which reduces the number of journeys by 39% and reduces the emission of harmful CO2 by as much as 40%. The second pro-ecological solution that may become a standard in the future is solar panels on trailers. Thanks to the production of energy from solar radiation, it is possible to reduce environmental pollution and wastage of time due to problems with the battery. The pro-ecological solutions in transport companies also include alternative LNG fuel. It is a liquid natural gas which – compared to diesel fuel – allows to significantly reduce the emission of sulfur and nitrogen oxides as well as other greenhouse gases. What’s more, the motors drives are quieter.
Caring for the natural environment is an expression of sensitivity, which also translates into the attitude towards people – and therefore the first plus for the Emons Group.

We give a sense of security

Employment stability is an invaluable value for anyone who wants to sleep in peace. Long-term contracts give you not only stabilization today, but also bonuses for the length of the employment will pay off in the future. Low rotation in the company is another sign that the employer is reliable and the comfort of work is high. In the era of the so-called employee era, staff loyalty is the highest score that can be given to a company.

We give a chance for growth

The development of the company should go hand in hand with the personal and professional development of the staff. Numerous training courses organized by Emons provide not only the appropriate qualifications to perform professional duties but also allow you to learn, develop your competencies and broaden your horizons.

Emons Group is introducing e-learning applications for drivers, facilitating the implementation of tasks and allowing development in the field of ecological and safe driving. By modernizing the fleet of cars, the drivers employed by the company make it possible to travel routes in the best conditions.

We are betting on you

Everyone is important here – both experienced and novice drivers receive tasks tailored to their skills and preferences. Flexible schedule, the number of tasks and the degree of difficulty are individually adapted to each driver. The variety of routes prevents routine and boredom. And the choice of schedule from weekends at home, 2/1, 3/1, 4/1 to longer shifts like 6/2 and 9/3, depends on personal choices.

We keep our word

A satisfactory wage is one thing, but being paid on time is just as important. And this is the Emons Group that makes itself a point of honour. Employees can also count on various types of financial allowances for each year stayed with a company.

We strive for a great atmosphere

Sometimes we spend more time at work than at home, which is why a good atmosphere is so important. Emons Group focuses on family relations, mutual trust and values its drivers. The brand is created by everyone, therefore equality and mutual respect are the basic values of companies.

If you want to enjoy all the above-mentioned benefits and be sure that working in the transport industry will allow you to develop and feel comfortable – choose Emons! This is a good solution for both beginners and experienced drivers, so visit their website and check the company’s job offer for a driver C+E or simply email!