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Driver wellbeing is a hot topic of discussion with many dimensions and inputs from multiple stakeholders. Driver unions, regulatory authorities, decision-makers in the supply chain and employers are aiming to find a middle ground in improving the work-life of drivers. 

We, the Emons Group, are a family company and we have always resonated the same sense of togetherness and belonging across the organization. We have offices all over Europe, diverse cultures and many members who have been part of the Emons Group for over a decade. Let us take a look at some of the main challenges that drivers can be facing at work. 

The challenges

  1. Drivers are always on the move for long stretches. The work life can be tough and if the operations are not managed properly it can have a negative effect on their personal life. 
  1. Supply chains have become more dynamic with disruptions and eccentric demand signals. Drivers are often the ones who are affected the most and face a lot of stress and pressure. 
  2. Drivers are constantly on the move for long periods of time and find it sometimes it is more difficult to eat healthy food or find a good time and space to exercise. This can affect the physical well-being.  
  3. Sometimes logistics service providers do not put their drivers as the key of the company’s success. They do not take action to improve the driver well-being until they are compelled by legislation or demands from decision makers in the supply chain.
  4. Mental fatigue can set in easily with many hours spent alone and especially if the route taken is monotonous. Keeping the mind busy and active is especially important for mental well-being. 

Why is Emons different? 

At the Emons Group, we believe our drivers have a lot of value to offer. And by providing the right support, care and assistance, there is a lot of value to be unlocked as well. Keeping this vision in mind, we have built an ecosystem of support for drivers that not only resolves work-related issues but also provides an opportunity for them to learn and grow. This can be achieved through support an holistic training and development program. In addition to creating a QHSE team to make sure we comply with all the standards, we took more actions.

Unlocking the value in drivers, enabling them to learn and helping them grow is an important part of our long-term vision. This is why we established a Driver Training Academy. It provides centralized training focused on safe, efficient, and secure loading and unloading. Training with driver coaches allows the driver to feel even more comfortable behind the wheel and increase safety.

A session of driver training with a driver coach

Continuous coaching is currently enhanced with the next steps in education. Enhancing our education model by digitalization and personalizing the training modules via a custom made e-learning application. This allows the drivers to learn anywhere, anytime and in a more sustainable digital manner.

Finally, as a family company, we try to make connections at different stages and show appreciation to our drivers. If it was last year unexpected traffic and delays during the Christmas period, we provided additional care packages for the drivers and their families. In addition, we added anew working time scheme to let the drivers chose their preferred work-life balance.

To know more or work with us as a driver check out our careers! We are also looking for logistics partners – check our offer for subcontractors.