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Afbeelding voor Emons sponsors student’s drone team at the University of Twente

Imagining our daily lives without drones is becoming increasingly difficult. We are often struck by the most fantastic aerial shots made by such unmanned crafts. But that’s just one of the many applications of drones. The opportunities for the logistics sector are also endless. That is why the Emons Group is now sponsoring the University of Twente’s student drone team (A3T).

Drone use in logistics is versatile and has great impact. For example, companies such as UPS and Amazon already use delivery drones for small parcels. “And we now have larger models, such as the SKYF, which can carry up to 250 kilograms over a distance of 350 kilometres,” says team manager Niels Kadijk (A3T). “With these drones, the future will also have us transporting containers. But there are also options for warehousing, for example by using a drone that scans parcels.”

Positive impact
A3T currently consists of 25 students. The team designs and builds drones for all kinds of applications. The students have different backgrounds that are both technical (electrical engineering, ICT, programming) and of a more commercial nature (marketing). “We are officially registered as a company and try to contribute to a positive social impact with our drones.”

Innovative character

The partnership with Emons is very enjoyable for the students. “Emons gives us more insight into how this sector works and what needs are involved. This gives us that much-needed window into the business world. Innovation is part of the Emons brand, they are open to new technologies and they do a lot of internal research. In turn, we help them by giving workshops, by inspiring and thinking about innovation.”