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Afbeelding voor Emons invests in 200 new trucks for drivers

The Emons Group, one of Europe’s leading and most reliable logistics providers, has decided to invest in over 200 new trucks for its drivers. Increased driver comfort, improved safety, and reduced fuel consumption are expected with this significant fleet renewal.

The company understands that operating inadequate equipment or trailers is a key reason for the high turnover rate in the trucking industry. Poor maintenance can also put drivers in danger. Also, old equipment can increase breakdowns as well as unscheduled downtime. Proper equipment and new trailers can improve day-to-day life on the road for drivers, keeping them safe and comfortable.

For example, as truck drivers spend plenty of time sitting behind the steering wheel, the driver’s seat is certainly a crucial element of the main vehicle spec. This is why Emons wants its drivers to benefit from the latest trucks that offer advanced materials, increased adjustability, and better suspension in order to increase driver comfort. Examples of features are luxury multiple adjustable driver seats or airconditioning for parking in order to improve the cabin climate.

Ensuring top quality service covering long distances, safety, fuel efficiency, and driver comfort are top priorities for Emons. The acquisition of these trailers will help the company further its driver-centric approach. Emons respects its drivers through its actions and protects them from harm as best it can.

The Emons Group is a family-owned freight carrier for cargo, glass or champost. The company is headquartered in Milsbeek, The Netherlands, and has a presence in more than ten countries, including the UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, and Poland. The company prides itself on its rate of innovation, leveraging the latest technologies and equipment to create a better experience for its drivers and customers while improving its operations. Emons has a robust network of facilities, drivers, and equipment across the nation, which keeps it responsive and flexible in this rapidly evolving and dynamic climate.

The company believes in providing efficient transport and logistics services that add value to its customers and growing its business through safe operations, innovation, and continued excellence.