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As organizations seek to unlock value within their supply chains, we recognize that the industry could offer more professional advancement for drivers. For the Emons Group, our drivers are an essential part of the logistics sector. And above that, they are key partners in creating a more sustainable supply chain. Our new driver training program leverages digital tools for learning and mentoring. Next to that, it allows drivers to evolve independently and strengthen the partnership we have by growing their understanding of processes within the company and core values. For this reason, we are developing an interactive platform to create the best growth opportunities. Stay tuned for the official launch!

Strengthening our commitment to drivers’ professional development 

“The future will be all about drivers. Having a driver-centric approach will be essential to unlocking value in supply chains”

Daan Emons, CEO Emons Group

We have been investing in driver education since 2009 because we then set up the Emons Drivers’ Training. The training created a structure and provided new drivers with consistent guidance through extensive theoretical training from a Driver Coach and practical lessons from Instruction Drivers. Experienced drivers are also given regular training, which is focusing on specific questions they might have or on topics requested by relevant divisions.

By expanding our education model to an e-learning application, Emons wants to strengthen its partnership with the drivers and engage them in their professional development. This means that an interactive platform will enhance the drivers’ education, where training modules can be personalized. We enable our drivers to develop further, therefore they can make meaningful contributions to our organizations’ short- and long-term goals. Providing systematic guidance through mentoring and digital tools can be the key to propel their contributions.  

The Emons E-learning application for drivers

The expert driver program: digitalization is the way forward 

The program provides an ecosystem of interactive learning modules where all the content and materials are driver-centric. Leveraging digital tools for learning gives flexibility to drivers to engage in their development.  

As drivers can have different experience levels, the platform will respond to this. It will provide introductory training for new drivers and development training for experienced ones. Through the platform, the drivers can monitor their performance in real-time and receive feedback and mentoring.  

The program content will focus on different topics such as eco-driving, where we position our drivers as critical partners in sustainability. Getting input from driver coaches and bringing real-life scenarios to make the modules more tangible will be vital to the success of the program and the drivers’ professional development.  

The core elements of the Emons e-learning program.

Emons brings digitalization, innovation to increase operational excellence 

With over 75 years of experience, our mission is to move our customers with innovations and digitalization towards zero waste. As a market leader, we invest in our team of highly skilled employees. By acting like that, we deliver a cost-effective, secure and reliable transport service. Get to know our 2WIN double-deck trailer and our glass division Van Huët.