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Emons' fleet is expanding

Putting drivers first with new equipment and focusing on a driver centric digital approach

This year, Emons decided to invest in and implement over 225 new trucks. The brands IVECO, Mercedes-Benz and DAF are the suppliers of the new trucks of the company. Next to that, for daughter companies Van Huët Glass logistics and Emons Cargo|2WIN, the Group expands their fleet with 40 new glass inloaders and 40 2WIN double deck trailers.

Ready to meet market demands

Thanks to the company’s growth, there was a need to significantly expand the fleet of lightweight inloaders and sustainable double deckers. Moreover, Emons aims for a driver-centric approach. They decided to invest in trucks that combine all aspects the company strives for: as sustainable as possible, with the right increase in comfort for the drivers. With these investments, the Emons Group is ready to meet today’s rising market demands and extend its leading position in the market.

New trucks: spacious cabin meets fuel efficiency and driver’s needs

Ensuring a high-quality service is one of the top priorities of the family business. Emons expects to increase driver comfort, provide safer and efficient trips, and reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The company decided to go for a multiple-supplier strategy regarding the investments in the new trucks. By going for that approach, Emons responds perfectly to the various demands within the market and driver’s needs. In combination with the new glass inloaders and the 2WIN double deck trailers, the new trucks are the winning combination for thriving growth.

IVECO, DAF and Mercedes-Benz

The new IVECO trucks run with Liquified Natural Gas (LNG), an alternative fuel to traditional heavy combustibles. The LNG is a vital ingredient in the sustainability formula of the Emons Group. It helps us to escalate further our reduction in greenhouse gas emissions on each trip. Both DAF and Mercedes-Benz have a good balance between low weight and a spacious cabin. All types of trucks of the various suppliers increase the trip’s efficiency and driver comfort. Also, the dealer network is extensive to provide extra support where needed.

Driver centric digital approach

On top of the investments in state-of-the-art equipment, Emons is also fully supportive of its drivers; the driver-centric digital approach to unlocking the value in the supply chain and being competitive with today’s difficult drivers’ demand market is high on the agenda. Emons wants to strengthen the partnership with its drivers and engage them in their professional development. Providing them with a new interactive platform that will enhance their education is one of the steps taken into that strengthening approach. Next to that, the brand-new equipment -which includes the best technologies and more space in the trucks to rest and enjoy leisure time- is another important factor directly related to the wellbeing of the drivers!

With over 75 years of excellence, the Emons Group continues to provide unique and sustainable transport solutions. Emons invests in its fleet to develop innovative logistics and transport concepts, helping businesses to improve their operational performance.

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