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Afbeelding voor Futuring Emons – An 80-year journey of innovation

The Emons Group recently had the pleasure of celebrating its 80th anniversary. The milestone event was nothing short of extraordinary. Partners, suppliers, dedicated employees and cherished guests came together for a day of entertainment and inspiration at the picturesque location event Inspyrium in Cuijk.


2win and Van Huët trailers in the Inspyrium

The venue is known as the most sustainable event location in the Netherlands. It is run by a family-owned organization of about 160 years. It is located in the middle of one of the largest tree nurseries in Europe. The last place you would expect to see huge trucks and trailers outside, and especially inside the building. Unless, of course, the trailers in question are among the most sustainable ones in logistics!

Kick off

Daan Emons

Daan Emons, third-generation CEO of the Emons Group B.V., takes centre stage to kick off the Futuring Emons event. “We are here to celebrate the 80-year anniversary of the Emons Group. An Oak Jubilee,” he starts. The oak, with its strong and resilient wood, is the perfect symbol for a company that was able to meet and brave all the challenges and difficulties facing the logistics sector in all these years.

But today is not just about nostalgia. Today is about looking forward.  Soon, Daan introduces the program of the event and the main theme of Futuring Emons: the future, indeed.

Energy transition challenges – Rob van den Biggelaar (ING Banking Sector)

Rob van den Biggelaar

Rob van den Biggelaar, representing ING, gave a comprehensive and informative presentation on the financial aspects of logistics. “Commitment to zero emissions alone is not enough,” he said. High investments into organizations, digitization, and sustainable innovations are key to reaching a sustainable energy transition.

The Formula (one) to success – Robert Doornbos

Robert Doornbos

Entrepreneur and former Formula 1 driver, Robert Doornbos brought the exciting world of Formula 1 to the event. His keynote, with amusing stories and thrilling videos, showed how skills, technological innovations, and a great team are the foundation of success.

The value of human beings – Jan Peter Balkenende

Jan Peter Balkenende

Former Dutch prime minister, Jan Peter Balkenende, delivered a light-hearted but powerful keynote encompassing three main themes: geopolitics, innovation, and family businesses.

 “Emons 80 years of success must have something to do with passion and inspiration. That you can really make a difference: that is passion.”

Break-out sessions

Clockwise: Nabeel Ahmed – Sebastian Piest – Roger Reiniers – Jan Pronk

Alternative fuels trends – Roger Reiniers

Emons’ R&D Director, Roger Reiniers, gave his audience a clear insight into the future of alternative fuels and Emons’ path toward energy transition “The energy transition in road freight transport will be a revolution by evolution the pace of which is unpredictable.”

Carbon footprint calculation and data sharing – Jan Pronk

Jan Pronk, director of the online carbon footprint calculation tool BigMile, showed how calculating CO2 emissions and sharing data is advantageous. “Don’t wait,” he said, “don’t lose your business position.”

Empowering people – Nabeel Ahmed

Emons’ Quality & Training Manager, Nabeel Ahmed, gave a complete overview of Emons’ program aimed at changing the vision of the company’s hierarchical structure and putting at its centre its biggest asset: the driver.

AI journey – Sebastian Piest

Sebastian Piest, Twente University researcher, presented an inspiring insight into the possibility offered by Artificial Intelligence applied to logistics.

Time to relax!

Speeches and presentation over, it’s time for refreshments!

Roof garden at Inspyrium

We are sure that the memories created during this event will be cherished for the next 80 years, as the Emons Group continues to make history in logistics.

Roof garden at Inspyrium
Until we meet again at the next celebration!