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Afbeelding voor Burgers Carosserie and Emons expand with new trailers

It recently became known that logistics service provider Emons Cargo 2WIN has ordered a series of 20 double deck trailers from trailer manufacturer and specialist Burgers Carosserie.

Emons Cargo 2WIN confirms the success of the double deck concept based on customer cases:

“The 2WIN double deck trailer is an alternative solution within the transport sector. It is not a concept that sells itself easily. There are requirements, such as a high volume of pallets (up to 54 euro pallets per trip), a maximum height of 180 cm per pallet and a total weight of 21.5 tons per trailer load. But in the end, (if the load is suitable for a 2WIN) the longer the route is and the higher the on-route-costs are, the greater the advantages of this type of trailer will be. By working this way, we have been able to successfully expand the number of customers in recent times.”

Stijn van den Bogart – Sales & Marketing Manager

Renewed Partnership

Emons Cargo 2WIN mainly works with customers on the East-West corridor of Europe.

“Our transportation services are mainly present in the corridor between Germany and the UK, with our own branch located in Germany. Currently, we notice that we continue to extend the corridor even more since we are welcoming an increasing number of customers in Poland and the Czech Republic. Due to this growth, we see a rise in need for new 2WIN trailers. We are also discussing with Burgers whether they want to start a branch that focuses on maintenance in 2WIN-relevant regions.”

Stijn van den Bogart – Sales & Marketing Manager

2WIN fit

We expect the increasing number of companies will have to drastically reduce the CO2 emissions of their logistics operation. The reasoning for that can be stricter corporate responsibility policy or pressure from governments on sustainability quotas.

“Here the 2WIN offers an immediate sustainable (and not only) advantage in comparison to standard trailers. If there is what we call a ‘2WIN fit’, all parties involved benefit from the new logistics set-up. It requires an integrated sales and marketing approach because no matter how you look at it, this type of trailer is only successful when the entire logistics system and all its stakeholders are aligned.”

Stijn van den Bogart – Sales & Marketing Manager

How to be efficient and reduce transport costs? Simple 3=2 rule

Emons currently has over 150 2WIN trailers available. The expectation is that that number will increase sharply and that new markets will also be tapped. For this expansion, Emons welcomed Katja Götzinger as Business Development Manager.

“We see that companies realize that an improvement in the total cost of ownership can no longer be achieved by continuing to drive with conventional trailers. It is time for something new, a real game-changer, where added value can still be realised, also in the field of sustainability. Every three trips with a conventional trailer (99 pallets) are replaced by two of our 2WIN trailers (108 pallets). If there is indeed a CO2 tax and if the emissions must be stated as standard on quotations, this will benefit the system of the 2WIN trailer. We are convinced that Burgers Carrosserie can continue to support us in the field of (preventive) maintenance, trailer optimization and commercial opportunities.”

Katja Götzinger – Business Development Manager

This article is written by Tim de Jong and translated from BigTruck Magazine’ publication.

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