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Afbeelding voor Subcontractors

Innovative and reliable
European network

The Emons Group can be a trusted partner for subcontractors. We operate a fleet of over 150 2WIN double deck trailers and over 300 Van Huët glass inloaders.
We transport cargo and glass across eleven European countries, helping the customers with their transport needs.
We have 5 offices around Europe, enabling us to be close to local markets.


About Emons

We are a family company with over 75 years of experience. We strive for the most innovative and sustainable transport. As in a family business, we care about establishing contacts with customers, partners and employees. We know how important drivers are in the success of making these contacts.

About us

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Why work with us?

Permanent work

Ensure a attractive additional income on clear terms and agreements

More business

Together we grow your business with structural and ad-hoc basis with on-time payment

More sustainable

Add a sustainable and innovative trailers to your fleet and lower environmental impact

Trusted partner

Long-term partnership based on mutual trust


Join our community

Join our driver community and expand professional skills of the drivers. Our Driver Academy has a wide training program for safety, risk, eco-driving and much more.

Drivers’ training

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