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Afbeelding voor Drivers have the floor: Pavel Kolacek and Pavel Bousek

Today we are giving the floor to two drivers who have been working for our Czech division for quite some time: Pavel Koláček and Pavel Bousek. They are happy to tell us about their work at the Emons Group in Teplice and the equipment they work with.

Pavel Koláček and Pavel Bousek have been working for the Emons Group in Teplice for over ten years. “The employment conditions, the colleagues and the content of the position made me choose this employer,” says Pavel Koláček. Back then, jobs in Southern Moravia were in short supply. Pavel Bousek adds: “At the time, the office was still in Prague. We also heard good stories from former colleagues who were already working there.”

Pleasant driving schedules
Both men are very satisfied with the work, the colleagues, and the cooperation with the manager(s). Pavel Bousek even considers the Emons Group to be one of the best employers in the country. “Any time I have a problem or question, my manager is willing to free up some time to talk. We really treat each other as equals.” Pavel Koláček likes the driving schedules. “I like being home for a week after three weeks of work. So I have all the time I need to spend at home with my wife.”

Own customers
Pavel Bousek is mostly on the road with a 2WIN ever since starting his job. “But I also drove the glass inloader and the Transloader trailer,” he says. “I like the fact that we mainly load at our own regular customers.”

Pavel Koláĉek and Pavel Bousek

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