Emons Group is nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 by the Dutch Transport & Logistics Association (TLN)

October 6, 2014

For the 10th time TLN organizes the election of the TLN Entrepreneur Award. A price that makes an important contribution to the appearance of our innovative and entrepreneurial sector. The priceis amodel for quality improvementand innovationin the sector.

The prize is awarded to those companies that are demonstrably distinctive entrepreneurship and all aspects of entrepreneurship are reviewing.

Transport & Logistiek Nederland has9finalists announced fortheTLN Entrepreneurship.On the basis of the INK managementmodelare the 9 finalists selected on criteria such as leadership, management of resources and processes,dealing with staff and customers and attention to improvement and innovation in the company.

In the category of large companies the Emons Group is one of the finalists nominated along with Bas Logistics BV and Rhenus Contract Logistics Holding BV

On the 22th of November the TLN Entrepreneurship will be awarded by Corien Wortmann, Vice-President of the EuropeanVolkspartij and former CDA-Parliamentary and Vice President EVP faction in the European Parliament for finance, economy, transport and environment.


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