Emons Group admitted to Marco Polo program!

July 1, 2010

Emons Group admitted to Marco Polo program!

The Emons Group is recognised for it’s innovative transport solutions by admission to the European Commission’s Marco Polo Program.

The 2WIN trailer, a unique concept for double deck transportation, and the MaXi trailer, an innovative vehicle for the transportation of both jumbo size float glass and general cargo, have been developed in house by the Emons Group, and are marketed through their daughter companies Emons Cargo and Van Huët Glass Logistics.

In the framework of the Marco Polo stimulation program, the Emons Group has filed a combined project proposal for these two transport concepts with the European Commission in 2009.

The Marco Polo II program (2007 – 2013) aims at improving the environmental performance of the European freight transport. It is the program’s long term goal to reduce the international transport of goods by road in the EU with 20 billion tonkilometers.

On January 27th , the European Commission has decided to admit the Emons ‘Double Loading Network’ project, amongst 21 other projects, to Marco Polo. The approved projects were chosen from a total of 70 applications in the call of 2009.

Out of the 22 projects admitted to the program, 15 were allocated to the category ‘Modal Shift, 2 to the category ‘Catalyst Actions’, 2 to ‘Common Learning’, 1 to ‘Motorways of the Sea and 2 to ‘Traffic Avoidance’. The Emons Group project falls within the latter category.
For the first time since the start of the Marco Polo II program in 2007, projects applied for in the category of ‘Traffic Avoidance’ have effectively been approved. For the 22 approved projects a total amount of € 66 million has been budgeted.

The Marco Polo stimulation is granted to the Emons Group only for achievement of future volume growth and improved density in the international transport networks of the 2WIN- and the MaXi Trailer (float glass transportation).

About the Emons Group:

The Emons Group is a group of 4 independently operating logistics service providers with subsidiaries in 5 European countries. The companies are active each in their own niche market offering specialized logistics services. The Emons Group achieves an annual turnover of € 98 million with a fleet of 500 vehicles (engines) and a total warehousing surface of 110.000 m2.

About the 2WIN Trailer:

The 2WIN trailer is a vehicle that offers a loading capacity of 54 Europallets with a maximum height of 1,8 meter on two decks, through the combination of a very low ground clearance and independent wheel suspension. Two 2WIN trailers carry more pallets than 3 regular trailers. Next to the obvious economical benefits for the shipper, this offers significant reductions (40%) in the exhaust of CO2 and other harmful substances.

About the MaXi Trailer:

The MaXi Trailer combines the possibilities of the specialised glass ‘inloader’ trailer with those of a regular mega trailer. Until now the transportation of unpacked jumbo size float glass was only possible on stillages carried by trailers that were exclusively dedicated to this kind of transportation, the so-called inloaders. The MaXi Trailer consists of a tilt trailer with an integrated glass stillage. This construction allows to carry glass on an outbound journey, and general cargo on the return leg. Consequently many empty kilometers are being avoided

For more information about this subject, please contact:

Emons Group:
Sjang Emons / CEO
Tel. +31 485 55 00 55
e-mail: jmc.emons@emons.nl

Van Huët Glass Logistics:
Bert Strikkers / Managing Director
Tel. +31 344 673781
e-mal: b.strikkers@vanhuet.com

Emons Cargo:
Willem-Jan van Vorstenbos / Managing Director
Tel. +31 24 6790966
e-mail: wj.van.vorstenbos@emonscargo.com

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