About us

Improving all the time, the sky is the limit.

Emons Driver coach

Since 1943

We are a solid, privately owned group of companies, existing since 1943. From the early days on, the Emons Group has had a clear strategy: not to do what everybody else does, but to continue distinguishing yourself by means of innovative and sustainable concepts and to do so in several niche markets at the same time.

It is our opinion that a logistic service provider only has a right to exist if it delivers added value to its customers. And this goes far beyond just offering the cheapest price per pallet, tonnage or square metre of transported glass. Also the environmental aspect, the lowest possible CO2 emissions per transport unit, is of eminent importance.

Efficient and sustainable transport

Furthermore, customers want you to do more than just provide an excellent delivery performance: they also require innovative ideas through which the existing situation (the total cost price and CO2 emissions per transport unit) can be even further improved. After all, to stand still is to fall behind. Within Emons this has been self-evident for over 70 years: continuing to strive for more efficient and sustainable transport. This is also "expressed" in our company logo, the arrow: improving all the time, the sky is the limit.

We Are Emons

Team spirit

Our most important weapon is, however, our team spirit. Everyone is contributing to achieving the maximum attainable end result. And each of these contributions is as important as the other. Together we strive for the same goal: building a healthy company based on sustainable logistic niche products and a high-quality provision of services.

It is the combination of these elements that makes the Emons Group so unique, and to which it owes its current position in the market and its existence for over 70 years. And we are proud of it.

We are Emons